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“I worked with Andrew on a flagship project that required timely and discreet information sharing through manuscript development. Andrew was extremely knowledgeable regarding publication guidelines and process and assisted me with the development of several posters, abstracts and manuscripts which ultimately were published. He is very professional, works with a sense of time urgency and has a very pleasant demeanor. I give Andrew my highest recommendation and I look forward to working with him when the opportunity presents itself. Andrew has been an asset to our team.”

Dr Ginamarie Foglia
Experienced Research and Development Clinical Director
Sanofi Pasteur

“While Principal Medical Writer at Covance CRU, I worked with Andrew on a large, high profile clinical pharmacology project for a major pharmaceutical company. This involved close collaboration with the internal team and the client in preparing pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic clinical study reports for regulatory submission. Andrew was always highly motivated and very conscientious and professional; he interacted well with the client on all levels and placed a very strong emphasis on scientific excellence, quality, and attention to detail.”

Dr Iain Hooper
Associate Director
Johnson & Johnson

“Andrew and I worked extensively together on preparing many reports to be integrated into a submission. I found him easy to work with. He quickly grasped the science and understood my desired conclusions; knowing this he integrated them into reports which were readily understood by many others. As always it is not easy to find a collaborator who just “gets it” Andrew was one of those few individuals who did.”

Dr Malcolm Mitchell
Medical Director
Eli Lilly